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You might have questions regarding UA's organisation during the Covid pandemic. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Spring semester of 2020-21

  • Support at UA

    Where can I get support at UA?

    Psychological support

    If you are experiencing problems, you can contact the social workers and psychologists at the SUMPPS on-campus medical service.

    I don't have the adequate equipment for studying at home - can UA help me?

    If you lack adequate material (computer, connexion, etc.), you can contact your faculty for support.

    François Pantin, francois.pantin @ (francois.pantin @
    Pascale Ingles, pascale.ingles @ (pascale.ingles @
    Charlotte Breton, celfe @
    Eric Pierre, eric.pierre @ (eric.pierre @
    Anne Rey, anne.rey @ (anne.rey @
    Faculty of Science

    Cécile Carcenac, celine.carcenac @ (celine.carcenac @
    Languages, Literature & Social Sciences
    Alexandre Laurent, alexandre.laurent @ (alexandre.laurent @
    Law, Economy & Business Studies
    Christophe Daniel, christophe.daniel @ (christophe.daniel @
    Polytech Angers
    Anne Huchet, anne.huchet @ (anne.huchet @

  • Access and necessary documents

    Updated on 8 February 2021

    Can I access university buildings? And which documents should I bring?

    All university activities are accessible to students by appointment only.

    Face-to-face courses are indicated on CELCAT. It is possible to continue the face-to-face lessons after 6 pm - in this case a letter of attendance will be given to you by your teacher at the end of the course. Whenever possible, lessons are also available as distance learning, to allow students who have left Angers to follow their courses.

    For all other appointments, a formal notice will be sent to you to justify your travel.

    In order to limit groups as much as possible, we ask you not to arrive early, and to leave the university grounds immediately after courses.

    If restrictions on travel (curfew or lockdown) are decided by the government, students must bring the necessary documents with them to get to UA:

    • the notice of convocation sent by the university services
    • the exemption travel certificate duly completed by the student
    • an ID card

    Sandwich courses
    Students taking sandwich courses (part-time at university, part-time in a company) must bring the exemption travel certificate, a student card as well as a certificate from the employer (with clear indication of the study location) in order to follow courses on-campus.

  • Covid test

    Updated on 4 February 2021

    How can I get tested for Covid at UA

    As of 8 February 2021, the on-campus medical centre (SUMPSS) and the SSTU organise individual and collective covid testing campaigns on the Belle Beille campus, in close collaboration with the ARS des Pays de la Loire. The tests take place from 2pm to 4pm, and are reserved for students of UA and conventioned schools.

    You can make an appointment online through the Affluences platform, or directly with the Covid coordinator on 07 72 35 48 77 or at

    Quick antigen tests are a new tool for breaking the chain of infection and reducing the risk of transmission. With a result within 15 to 30 minutes, they enable rapid implementation of contact tracing isolation measures. However, this type of test does not replace a diagnosis based on a PCR test, which is still carried out in test centres or medical laboratories.

    Individual testing:

    Eligible for antigen tests are:

    • people who are symptomatic, within 4 days or less after the onset of symptoms. It is during this period that the viral load increases the reliability of the test.
    • people who are asymptomatic when they have been in contact with someone who has been tested positive for covid, detected individually or within a cluster. The tests must be carried out within 24 hours if the person lives in the same household as the infected person. If the person who has been in contact with an infected person does not live with the infected person, the test must be carried out 7 days after the last contact with the infected person.


    Collective testing:

    In the event of suspicion of a cluster, or particularly active transmission of the virus, the University may organise collective test campaigns among targeted groups of the population.

    Carrying out the antigen test triggers the same process as an PCR test, i.e. while waiting for the results of the test, it is recommended to isolate oneself at home, and reduce outside contact and rigorously apply barrier gestures. You will be given a document on what to do depending on the test result. In the event of a positive result, you are required to declare yourself as covid positive in the "Tousanticovid" application, in order to alert and protect your family and friends.

  • Courses

    Updated on 8 February 2021

    How are courses organised?


    Lectures will mostly be organised as distance learning. As a general rule, no courses are organised for groups of more than 50 students, in rooms of at least double capacity. The total number of students present on the same site must not exceed 20% of the total capacity.

    TD (Tutorial classes)

    As of 25 January 2021, on-site tutorial classes are possible, especially for students on L1 level. Groups are always less than 50 students and classes take place in a room with at least double capacity. In order to limit the number of meals consumed on site, lessons are organised for half-day attendance at the most.
    Contact the Administration Officer (scolarité) at your faculty to find out how courses are organised at the faculty.

    TP (Practical work)

    Practical Work courses are authorised. They are organised in classrooms with at least double capacity, and at most per half day of attendance.

    Language labs

    Face-to-face language courses can be organised, limited to 50% of the capacity of the language laboratories and within the limit of 20% of the site's occupancy rate. Students use their own headphones and microphones whenever possible. If necessary, the equipment will be disinfected before and after use.

  • Group gatherings at UA

    Updated on 4 February 2021

    Are groups accepted ouside of courses?

    It is possible to organise face-to-face academic support groups for smaller groups of no more than 10 people:

    • tutoring and support for all levels
    • sports activities (masks required)
    • cultural activities organised by the UA Culture Department (masks required).

    The organisation of the reception areas, as well as the defined schedule, ensures that the maximum level of 20% occupancy of each site is respected.

  • Exams

    How are exams organised?

    All exams organised face-to-face are held in rooms, occupying only 50% of the room's capacity. Arrival and departure times are spread as much as possible on the same site. Disinfection facilities are provided for the supervisors and students, and the rooms are ventilated for a minimum of 15 minutes every 3 hours.

    For more information, please contact your Academic Coordinator.

    What should I do if I have the Covid and I cannot attend the exams?

    If you aretested positive for Covid19 or if you are a contact case at the time of your exams, you should not attend the exams. You should notify the Sumpps and your admissions department. A second session will be organised within a 14 days to 2 months.

    This second session does not involve Pluripass, nor the LAS health module exams, as these are classifying exams. Please contact the people in charge of this programme as soon as you discover your positive covid results.

  • UA University Libraries (BU)

    Updated on 4 February 2021

    Are the university libraries open?

    The university libraries on the campuses Saint-Serge and Belle-Beille are open to the university community in Angers.

    Opening hours for the libraries are
    BU Belle-Beille: 8.30am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 7.30pm from Monday to Saturday
    BU Saint-Serge: 8.30am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 7.30pm from Monday to Saturday and 8.30pm - 12.30pm on Sundays

    Borrowing books is possible until 6pm, and the study rooms are open until 7.30pm for students who are already present.
    An exemption document will be provided when the departure is after 6pm.

    I wish to study at the university library #En lieu sur.

    As of November 3, priority for access to the university libraries is given to students who either lack hardware or adequate study materials or students who don't have optimal housing conditions (lack of space).

    Book a time slot

    In order to study at the university libraries, you must book a time slot through Affluences. We recommend that you download the Affluences App on your phone. All reservations are personal. The use of another students login information is strictly prohibited. You will receive confirmation for your booking and you must show your student card upon arrival to confirm your identity and your reservation.

    Book your #En lieu sur time slot here:

    You can see the maps of the two libraries here, by scrolling down to "Les plans des places".

    Rules for studying at the BU:

    • It is mandatory to wear a face mask at all times in the library, even when seated
    • Arrive on time - if you are early, you will not be allowed early entrance and if you are late, your slot will be given to another student
    •  It is stricktly forbidden to:
      •  work in groups
      • snack or eat in the BU and on the terrasse
      •  book a slot for a friend or use a friends login to book a slot. All reservations are strictly personal!

    Non compliance with these rules will result in your Affluences account being suspended for 2 weeks.

    I wish to borrow / return books or print / scan documents  #30 Minutes Chrono

    In order to access the university libraries, you must book a time slot through Affluences. We recommend that you download the Affluences App on your phone. All reservations are personal. The use of another students login information is strictly prohibited. You will receive confirmation for your booking and you must show your student card upon arrival to confirm your identity and your reservation.
    Time slots are limited to 30 minutes.
    It is not posssible to accumulate the #30 Minutes Chrono reservation with the #En lieu sur reservation. However, with the #En lieu sur reservation, you are also allowed to borrow and return books, print and copy documents.

    Book your time slot #30 Minutes Chrono here:

  • Computer rooms

    Updated on 4 February 2021

    Are computer rooms open to students?

    The computer rooms at the University Libraries are open to students for their personal work. The work areas are open until 8pm and are supervised by tutors.

  • UA Medical Services (Sumpps)

    How can I make an appointment with the on-campus medical services (Sumpps)?

    The entire SUMPPS team (doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers) is ready to respond to any emergencies or answer questions.
    Consultations can either be conducted physically at the Sumpps medical services or over the telephone, by appointment only.
    The  Sumpps will handle all urgent social or medical requests and can also provide support for students with anxiety or concerns.

    Schedule an appointment

    Opening hours
    From Monday to Friday
    From 8:45am to 5:45pm

    Contact the Sumpps
     +33 (0)2 41 22 69 10
    secretariat.sumpps @

    How can I find a doctor outside of the opening hours?

    You can use this directory (in French) to find a doctor in the close vicinity.
    You can also call the Sumpps voicemail, where a message will indicate (in French) the phone number for the doctor-on-call.
    Students on the Cholet campus can contact Doctor Edith Paillat, at her email address edith.paillat @

    I am in URGENT need of financial aid - Can the SUMPPS help me?

    The SUMPPS can handle all urgent requests for financial aid.
    Now more than ever, it is important that students who face social difficulties can contact the SUMPPS.
    The SUMPPS social workers will forward any application for financial aid to the Social Emergency Committee that UA has created with the CROUS. ( @

    Sexual health

    The SUMPPS doctors can help you over the phone: prescription for contraception, gynaecological advice, concerns following unprotected sex, abuse, unwanted pregnancy, etc.

    The lockdown can contribute to tension and violence. Know that professionals are available to help you!

    Psychological support

    If you want to make an appointment with an English speaking psychologist, contact Jonna RONDEAU at jonna.rondeau @

  • UA Sports Facilities (Suaps)

    Are the UA sports facilities open?

    UA's sports centre opens 1000 spots to students each week in a multitude of activities. Students have an opportunity to let off some steam, relieve stress and maintain a social bond, while respecting strict sanitary instructions.

    Online weekly registration is required and wearing a face mask is mandatory during the activities.

    More information and registration here! (in French)

  • Crous University Dining Halls (RU)

    Updated on 8 February 2021

    Are the university dining halls (RU) open?

    Take away sales and 1€ menus for all students are available at the CROUS dining halls, and limited to 2 meals per day. The university dining halls close at 6pm during the curfew.
    Courses are organised on a half-day basis at most to avoid eating on site. For courses that require a full day's attendance, it is preferable to eat outdoors.

  • E2O Optional Courses

    Are the E2O courses cancelled?

    • The Suaps E2O courses (sports) are temporarily suspended.
    • The "Student Involvement" E2Os will for the majority continue as distance learning.
    • Some of the "Culture" E2Os are temporarily suspended. Others will continue as distance learning, as far as possible.
    • The "Anjou Inter Langue" E2Os will resume as distance learning at a later time. A new organisation is under consideration.

    If you have questions regarding the E2O you are enrolled in, please contact your E2O coordinator.

  • Internships

    Can I do an internship?

    Internships are possible under the protocols implemented in the host structures. The employer has the responsibility to provide exemption travel certificates when necessary.