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Summer Schools - Université Angers

Summer Schools

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Chaque été, les universités européennes et mondiales proposent des cours de quelques semaines ouvert à tous (étudiants, enseignants et individuels). Payants, ces cours sont souvent accompagnés d’une offre de logement et d’excursions, et permettent aux étudiants d’obtenir des ECTS.

Voici les Summer Schools qui auront lieu en 2015 (présentation par thématique) :


Thématiques : Économie / Droit / Géopolitique






Blue Economy Summer School, Pécs, Hungary

 6-9 juillet 2015


The Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pecs, is going to organise the 4th Blue Economy Summer School between the 6th and 19thJuly 2015 focusing on Blue Economy methodology and regional development in the industrialized world.


The Blue Economy Summer School (BESS 2015) welcomes every interested student who would like to gain deeper insight and valuable knowledge in the field of theory, methodology and application of Blue Economy.


BESS 2015 will host - among its international team of well-known lecturers - professor Gunther Pauli the initiator of the Blue Economy idea so participants will have the chance to meet and learn from him personally. The academic program includes lectures, company visits and independent group work on assigned projects. By holding a final presentation participants gain 6  ECTS credits.


Date limite d'inscription : 15 juin 2015

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Summer University Prague, Czech Republic

 5-20 septembre 2015 

The "Summer University Prague 2015" will take place at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) during September 2015 (September 5 – 20).


Its topic is "Reconfiguring Europe: an Old Continent in a New Millennium". This study programme is internationally acknowledged and recognized, successful participants will be given 12 ECTS credits.


Date limite d'inscription : 22 juin 2015

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Bucerius Law School, Summer Program "International Business Law", Hanburg, Allemagne

 13-31 juillet 2015

 The Bucerius Summer Program is flexible and allows you to customize your schedule by selecting coursework best suited to your personal interests and needs. Choose from six topics offered by distinguished professors and practitioners from Germany and abroad.


Benefit from Socratic-style course meetings that promote interactive dialogue, inquiry and close cooperation with your peers and lecturers. Enjoy small class sizes that enable you to compare perspectives with participants from across the globe.


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An introduction to applied economic modelling with GAMS, Universidade da Coruna, Spain

3-21 août 2015

This course helps becoming familiar with GAMS (General Algebraic Modelling System) to write various kinds of economic models as a system of equations, including linear and non-linear optimisation and equilibrium modelling. The participants will be thoroughly introduced to the GAMS programming language and the interface GAMS-IDE that is part of GAMS.


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Thématique : Langues & Culture






Shandong University International Summer School, Qingdao, Chine

 13 juillet - 8 août 2015


Shandong University International Summer School will be held from July 13th to August 8th, 2015.


Our Summer School (ISS-SDU) offers a variety of courses and activities, including Chinese Language classes, English-taught courses, cultural experience and field trips. What’s new about this year’s program is that we have developed a wide range of credit-earning courses on China Studies covering the field of Chinese laws, economics, politics and culture.

Each participating student will have a one-to-one Chinese buddy during the entire program. It is designed to give undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world a chance to explore and understand the real China. 


Our program includes a variety of exciting extra-curricular activities with one–to–one Chinese buddy:

Week 1: Local Family Visit & Taiji Practice

Week 2: Beijing Opera Show 

Week 3: Calligraphy Practice

Optional: Guided tour to Beijing, Qingdao, Mountain Tai Climbing and Confucius Hometown.


Date limite d'inscription : 10 juin 2015

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Summer Course of Italian Language and
Culture at the University of Urbino, Italy

27 juillet -  21 août 2015

 The courses are held every morning from Monday to Friday in classes of no more than 20 people with an Italian native-speaker teacher with proven experience. Each individual course is for a total of 80 lessons (of 45 minutes each) of classroom teaching.

The courses are organised on the basis of the linguistic-communicative skill levels laid down by the Common European Framework of Reference, and are divided into elementary (four levels), intermediate (three levels) and advanced (one level).


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German Courses of the University of Vienna, Autriche July, August or September

In July, August and September we offer German courses in 11 different phases. The courses take place Monday through Friday, in the morning. Each course covers one course phase.


Our summer course program is complemented by a wide range of optional excursions and leisure activities. We are also happy to arrange accommodation for you in conveniently situated student housing.


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Diverses thématiques







Bayreuth International Summer School, Germany

 6-18 juillet 2015

Economie, Energie, Géopolitique

Bayreuth University is offering you an unforgettable 2-week summer school experience in Bavaria with our Bayreuth International Summer School which will take place from 6th to 18th July 2015!


During this Summer School, your students have the chance to devote around 6 hours each day to theoretical and practice-oriented seminars and discussions (all conducted by internationally renowned guest professors) within three of the key research fields of the University of Bayreuth:


 ·         Course 1: “New Perspectives on Economic Growth and Development – the Impact of Globalisation on Management
During this summer course, global challenges in economics and management are analysed through a combination of different global perspectives by the faculty from our partner universities. 

·         Course 2: “Novel Materials and Technologies for Future Energy Systems
In this course, students get an insight on important aspects of energy: its efficient conversion, its storage to retain energy, and future trends for polymers.

·         Course 3: “Specters of Violence in Africa and Latin America – Looking behind the Scenes
This course deals with the Boko Haram crisis and its impact on contemporary Islam in West Africa, the African continent today as well as on the African diaspora in Latin America.

Date limite d'inscription : 30 avril 2015

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NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences Summer School, Breda, Netherlands

 6-17 juillet 2015

Real Estate Concepts, Destination management, Crisis & Recovery Management,  Experience design



Come and spend your summer studying at Holland's best University of Applied Sciences and enjoy the Dutch culture at the same time. Drive around on your bike, eat Dutch stroopwafels and meet students from all over the world. If you would like to broaden your horizon at NHTV and get a new learning experience, then have a look at our offer below.

NHTV offers five different courses in the field of Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality and Logistics:


Innovative Real Estate Concepts (6-10 July 2015)

Breakthrough Inspiring Knowledge Experience (BIKE) (6-10 July 2015)

New directions in Destination Management (6-10 July 2015)

Risk Prevention and Crisis & Recovery Management (6-10 July 2015)

Experience Design (13-17 July 2015)


After completing one of these in depth courses you will be prepared for your future and come back with valuable knowledge which you can apply in your life.


Date limite d'inscription : 15 mai 2015

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Surface science: Chemistry and biology on solids, Universidade da Coruna, Spain

 3-21 août 2015


 The behaviour of atoms and molecules on solid surfaces has a central role in many areas of great academic and industrial importance such as heterogeneous catalysis, functionalised materials, nanotechnology, electronics, 2D (graphene-like) materials, novel chemical and biological sensors, chirality, etc. The field of surface science is key in today’s global economy (35% of global GDP depends on heterogeneous catalysis) and paramount in the development of novel materials and technologies. The aim of this course is to provide an insight into the key issues that underpins current understanding and characterization of solid-state surfaces.


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