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French courses for international students - Université Angers

French courses for international students

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French courses (1 or 2 maximum)

Calendar 2017/2018 - Semester 1


Information meeting (compulsory)

Tuesday 5th September, from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm at the Amphi Tamaris (at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies - Saint Serge Campus)

Online registration and online test

Until the 17th September

Confirmation by email

The groups are set up according to both the results of the French-language test and the attended campus.


You will receive an email with the timetable, the teacher and the classroom of your group.

Courses :

  • French language courses
  • Conversation class
  • French for Academic Purposes
  • French for Medical Purposes

At St-Serge campus: From Monday 25th September to Wednesday 6th December 2017


(+ conversation class END Thursday 7th December)


At Belle-Beille campus: From Friday 29th September to Friday 8th December 2017


(+ French for Academic Purposes END Thuesday 4th December)


At Health campus: From Monday 25th September to Thursday 7th December 2017


Autumn Holidays: from Saturday 28th October to Sunday 5th November 2017


Cliquez ici pour lire cette page en français.



  • Administrative contact
    Sophie CHOUTEAU sophie.chouteau @


  • By phone :
    +33(0)2 44 68 86 53


  • Address :
    Direction de l'International
    La Passerelle
    2 rue Lakanal
    49045 Angers Cedex 01

La Fac : mode d'emploi ?

Lectures about integration in French universities

Lectures about integration in French universities

In September, when exchange students arrive, the CeLFE, together with the "Pôle accueil" offers lectures about integration in French universities.

Click here for more info.