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Parcours Tourism and Hospitality Management - Université Angers

Parcours Tourism and Hospitality Management

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You are eager to upgrade your knowledge & professional skills in tourism management: you will join a programme focused on strategic management (international strategic management, strategic hospitality marketing & sales management, yield management, quality management, sustainable development, intercultural management) as well as on hospitality service operations management.

A comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach:

A comprehensive programme (management, tourism, language and culture), an academic programme (including research methodology) as well as a business oriented programme (2 training sessions: a 4-month internship in master 1, a 5-month internship in master 2).

An international qualification:

This qualification is designed to meet the growing demand from the hospitality industry for a programme that has an international focus. The programme is fully taught in English in cooperation with our International academic partners and industry partners. Teaching & learning methods are designed to address international issues.

  •  Students will develop managerial methods, competencies and critical thinking processes through problem identification, personal thinking, rigorous research and decision making
  •  Students will be trained to join, supervise, lead an international team & work internationally: they will on an every-day basis deal with different cultures and learn how to manage intercultural situations
  •  Students will complete applied research papers covering international contemporary hospitality issues, including the key areas of strategic destination management, human resource management and service quality management


Conditions d'accès
Entry requirements:
  • a Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Social Science, Management, Economics or Languages
Admission process:
  • Please download and fill up the application file on the University website; you will then be invited for a face-to-face interview

The recruitment process:
  • takes place every year from March to July
Droits de scolarité :

TARIFS 2016-2017

  • NON BOURSIER : 476,10 €/an
  • BOURSIER : 5,10 €/an
  • FORMATION CONTINUE : nous consulter pour devis (scolarite.itbs @


Nombre de crédits ECTS :
Organisation de la formation
MASTER 1 (First Semester)

Internship and / or International exchange program (30 ECTS)

 MASTER 1 (Second Semester)

 Unit 1 (4 ECTS): Language and communication

French as a Foreign Language
Academic Methodology
Tourism in the European Union

 Unit 2 (8 ECTS): Tourism and Hospitality Management I

Strategic Management
Quality Service Management
E & M Tourism
Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality

 Unit 3 (8 ECTS): Social studies

Tourists practices
Socio-Economics of Tourism
Sustainable Tourism
International Law

 Unit 4 (3 ECTS): Research project

Research Methodology
Applied Research Project

 Unit 5 (7 ECTS): Tourism and Hospitality Management II

International Tourism
Project Management
Tourist Product Distribution
Human Resource Management

 MASTER 2 (First Semester)

 Internship or international exchange program (30 ECTS)

 MASTER 2 (Second Semester)

 Unit 1 (4 ECTS): Language and communication

French as a Foreign Language
Strategic Communication
Career & Professional Development
Heritage, Culture & Tourism Current Issues

 Unit 2 (8 ECTS): Strategic hospitality management

Strategy, case studies
Destination Analysis & Management
Yield Management
Transportation systems
Food & Beverage Management

 Unit 3 (8 ECTS): International Studies

International Marketing, case studies
Tourism in Asia
Tourism in Russia and East European Countries
Intercultural Management
Emerging issues in International Tourism

 Unit 4 (3 ECTS): Research project

Advanced Research Seminar
Applied Research Project

 Unit 5 (7 ECTS): Hospitality Operations Management

Airline Management
Event Management
Luxury Product Branding
Wine studies
Cultural Heritage Management
Cruise line Operations

Et après

Insertion professionnelle

Senior level positions in the international hospitality industry (international hotels, airport & transportation services, tour operating, e-tourism, luxury boutiques, consulting).


Responsables de la formation

Bonneau Marie-Christine
marie-christine.bonneau @


Tél. : 02 44 68 81 00 - 7 allée F. Mitterrand - BP 40455 - 49004 Angers Cedex 01 - Fax : 02 44 68 81 01
scolarite.esthua @