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Transportation - University of Angers


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Practical life in the University (food, transportation)

Where to eat on the campus ?

2017-2018 rate for a meal at the University restaurant (RU) is  €3,25.

Adresses of RU :

  • Campus Belle-Beille : 3 boulevard Lavoisier. Bus 1 stop Restaurant Universitaire. open on lunchtime from monday to friday. There's also two cafeterias, "l'Escale" and "la "cafet’U Lettres"
  • Campus Saint-Serge  : University restaurant La Gabare, 55 quai Félix Faure.Tramway stop St Serge. Open from monday to friday on lunchtime + friday evening and and saturday lunchtime. Traditional food , italian food, grill. Cafeteria open from 9h à 15h with sandwichs, hot tarts , pizzas, salads.
  • Campus Santé : University Restaurant Ambroise Croizat 26 rue Roger Amsler,In the faculty of Medicine. Tramway stop Capucins. Open from monday to friday lunchtime . Traditional food + take-away buffet. Cafeteria open from 8h30 à 18h with sandwichs, pastries, confectionaries.
How to travel in Angers ?
By bus or by Tramway

Irigo is the urbain transportation company in Angers and its surroundings

Adress : place Lorraine            

Phone. 02 41 33 64 64                  

Web :  bustram.irigo.fr

2017 rates:

  • Ticket : 1,50€ (The ticket is valid for 1 hour in Angers transports.
  • Book of10 tickets : 12.50€
  • Weekly subscription : 9.40€ (6-25 years-old rate)
  • Monthly subscription : 32€ (6-25 years-old rate)

To travel to the campus

From railway station to Belle-Beille campus (faculty of Humanities, Sciences faculty, I.U.T, I.S.T.I.A)

Line 1 or 14 (Express) - direction Belle-Beille Technopole

  • Stop : IUT (for the faculty of humanities)
  • arrêt : Restaurant Universitaire (for Sciences faculty)

Line 4 - direction Beaucouzé/l’Atoll

  • Stop : Lakanal (for the faculty of humanities)

From railway station to Saint-Serge campus (Business faculty  and Tourism faculty ESTHUA)

Tramway Line A - direction Avrillé/Ardenne

  • Stop : St Serge-Université

From railway station to Health sciences campus  (Pôle Santé) (faculty of  Medicine, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science and health engineering)

Line 8 - direction  Angers CHU Hôpital 

  • Stop : Faculté de Médecine
By bicycle, with VéloCité

Loan terms

Once the contract has been signed the user will be provided with a bicycle.

 A bicycle can be borrowed for a minimum of one week and a maximum of 3 months, the contract can be renewed 4 times.

There is no deposit; however the user must pay for any repairs if the bike is damaged. In the case of theft or loss, the user must pay for the replacement of the bicycle.

Important !

An antitheft tag is provided, however for your safety, we advise you to get an U-shaped antitheft tag

To borrow a bike, you will need:

- Proof of residence in angers

- Proof of identification with a photo

- Bank account details (document available from your French Bank)

- A University of angers student card


Location :

6, Rue de la Gare - Angers

Open from tuesday to friday, from 9h30 to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 18h30.

Phone. : 02 41 18 13 21

Mail : velocite @ ville.angers.fr