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Budget - University of Angers


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Monthly Costs

How to organize my budget ?

In order to organize your organize your budget during your stay, you'll find below some useful information.

Those main costs published here are monthly costs. Please note that the first month is slightly more importants as you'll more expenses.

 first month expenses



(on the basis of a student residence)

- Accomodation reservation fees
- Accomodation insurance fees

- Deposit (refundable after positive checkout inventory)
- Laundry kit (optional)

- 1rst monthly accomodation rent





270 €

27.26 €

254.80 €

 Monthly expenses to anticipate





(including "CROUS" meal plan - 3,25 € per meal)

Public Transportation (bus-tramway)

Miscellaneous expenses*


254.80 €


300 €

32 €

50 €


636.80 €

* Those costs only represents an average, they can change according your own consumption patterns.