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Bank Procedures - University of Angers

Bank Procedures

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Bank procedures

How to proceed to open a bank account ?


Opening a bank account in France generally require time and materials.

The whole procedure can take at least 2 weeks. You have to follow those steps:


  • Present yourself at the agency of your choice  to take an appointment with a bank advisor in Angers.
  • Prepare several materials are required for this appointment, such as:
  • Passport
  • “Attestation/Justificatif de domicile” = Proof of accomodation.

If you're accomodated in hall of residence:  ask to the administrative office of the residence

If you're not accomodated in hall of residence: ask to your landlord

  • “Certificat de scolarité” = Proof of registration (as student of the UA)

This document is generally provided by your scholar service when at your registration in faculty. You can then after edit this document through your ENT.


Sometimes a minimum amount should be paid for the opening of the account (around 15 €).

Once your account is open, according to the bank agency conditions, you receive a credit card within ten days


How close a bank account ?

Many banks require an official closure letter (in French), that specify the closure date of your account.