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Application - University of Angers


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Application process for 2018-19

If you are a student from a partner institution and you wish to study at the University of Angers, please follow the instructions below.

Important: Only students selected by our partner universities can apply. Students who have not yet been nominated by their home universities for spring semester 2019 can fill in the form on this page, which will be updated in September 2018


Online applications for the first semester and full academic year 2018-2019:

the application link will be available from 15th March 2018. Students nominated by their home universities will receive the application link by email.

Online application deadline: 1st June 2018

Information for Erasmus + students: please send your Learning Agreement to the following email address:

echange.international@univ-angers.fr (echange.international @ listes.univ-angers.fr)


Application 2018-2019

Exchange students