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Formalities table - University of Angers

Formalities table

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Administrative formalities

The Helpdesk for International Researchers offers assistance for your administrative formalities. Feel free to contact the Helpdesk for any further information.

Formalities to carry out from abroad


Administrative formalityContact/AddressAdditional information

1) Application for visa

(when applicable)

French Consulate or Embassy in your home country : Find a French Consulate or EmbassyPractical-sheet on entry, stay and working procedures for International Researchers in France

Practical-sheet on application for visa

Visa application forms

2) Pre-opening of a bank account and transfer from abroad


Société Générale (FnAK partner) : Details
Practical-sheet on the pre-opening of a bank account

Documents needed : FnAK Guest Researcher card number, copy of passeport, tax residence proof.

3) Search for accommodation

Helpdesk : Accommodation for International Researchers

The Helpdesk for International Reseachers at the Université of Angers (BACE) is an EURAXESS Services center.


Euraxess is the european reseacher mobility portal. Euraxess offers services and a network of more than 200 centres in Europe to facilitate researcher mobility, and promote european higher education and research.


EURAXESS is divided into the following areas:


- EURAXESS Jobs - a stress- and cost-free recruitment tool where job offer and job demand meet.



- EURAXESS Services - a network of more than two hundred Centres located in 35 European countries. As a researcher, these Centres assist you and your family to plan and organise your stay in a foreign country.



- EURAXESS Rights – it provides all information regarding the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for their Recruitment.



- EURAXESS Links – it provides interactive web services to European researchers working abroad in order to keep them linked among themselves and with Europe.


Formalities to carry on your arrival in France
Administrative formalityContact/AddressAdditional information
4) Opening of a bank accountIf no pre-opening was done : Any bank agency

If a pre-opening was done : Société Générale, 15 rue d'Alsace, Angers, Mme Patricia Pannetier, Tél.
Documents needed : Identity card, domiciliation certificate (to hand in as soon as possible), an amount of €15 minimum to deposit.

Note : Don't forget to order payment means (bank card, chequebook) and ask several bank account details documents.
5) Entering the accommodationHelpdesk : Accommodation for International ResearchersDocuments needed : Identity card, bank account details, others.

Note : Don't forget to ask your renter a domiciliation certificate.
6) Application for residency permit (when applicable)Préfecture, 7 bis rue Hanneloup, Angers

OFII, 9 rue Bergère, Nantes
Practical-sheet on entry, stay and working procedures for International Researchers in France

Practical-sheet on application for a residency permit

7) InsuranceSMEBA / LMDE / CPAM / Any insurance company / ABC-Assurances (FnAK Partner) : Details

Practical-sheet on Insurance