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The university today - University of Angers

The university today

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  • Three  Angers campuses and two  branches in neighbouring town

The University of Angers today has grown to  include three campuses in Angers (Belle-Beille,  St Serge, and Santé), and branches in the nearby  towns of Cholet and Saumur. Of its enrolment of  roughly 20,000, 11% are international students.

  • 8 Faculties, Schools and Institutes

The University of Angers has  8 colleges:
—  the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business Studies
—  the Faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences
—  the Faculty of Science
—  the School of Medicine
—  the School of Pharmacy
—  ITBS (School of Tourism and Hospitality Management)
—  ISTIA (School for Chartered Engineers  in Sciences and Technology)
—  IUT (Institute of Technology: professionally- oriented courses and degrees)

  • 7 central university services

—  University Library on the three campuses
—  CUFCo (Continuing education
and French as a Second Language)
—  SAIC (industry and business links)
—  SUAPS (sports)
—  SUIO-IP (career orientation
and job placement centre)
—  SUMPPS (university health service)
—  STIC (innovative educational technologies)

The University is committed to seeking continual improvement in teaching methods,  and new technologies play a key role. We offer  our students a variety of on-line services and we have just introduced a new portal offering personalised access for every member of the university community.


University of Angers is a main actor of the Pôle de Recherche et d’Enseignement Supérieur L’Université Nantes Angers Le Mans.