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Library | Prize of innovation - University of Angers

Library | Prize of innovation

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Innovative library

On December 1 the Library of the University of Angers (BUA) was awarded an “innovation prize” by the professional magazine “Livres Hebdo”. Besides the many initiatives successfully achieved by the BUA since 2008, this prize awarded “Bibcamp 2011”, an informal meeting between libraries organized by the BUA.


“Livres Hebdo” awards libraries in 5 categories : reception, activities, interior design, innovation, and the ”Grand Prix” won by Louise-Michel Library of Paris.

The BUA has been following a policy of serving users. It was reorganized in 2010 with an open space, 120 computers, a multimedia room, work rooms, a photographic gallery, and a press room. In September 2010 the French government gave to the BUA the “NoctamBU” label because the library is open 84 hours per week (from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm, Monday to Saturday). Today users enjoy a “book transfer” system between Belle-Beille and Saint-Serge sites: if you ask for a book located on the other campus before 4:00 pm, it will be available the next day before 11:00 am on your campus.

Digital services

The BUA digital innovations made the news. For instance Ubib.fr, a shared online information service, launched in 2008 by the BUA for the network of the Universities of the West, provides students with a communication platform with librarians via chat and emails. 17 universities have already joined Ubib.fr for 3 years. The BUA news, daily published on Facebook, also improve services for users.


After these many innovations, the BUA will begin a “quality control” to make sure that every service is sustainable. It still remains on the lookout for novelties.
A new professional weblog will be launched to present the BUA’s successful initiatives to other libraries interested in its services.
Besides users will soon be able to reserve, borrow, and renew materials with their smartphones.
Finally during summer 2012 Belle-Beille Library will be equipped with self-check-in stations similar to those of Saint-Serge Library.

Thérèse Rosset

Commented by Barbara Winward on July 31, 2012 at 8:01 AM

Good Morning

I am currently working with Mr Grahama Flint, Neurosurgeon and Dr Clare Rusbridge, Veterinary Neurologist on an international medical monograph entitled Syringomyelia: a disorder of CSF circulation to be published at the end of the year by Springer, Germany.

We are looking for permission to use an image we believe you may hold the rights to.

We would like to use Charles-Prosper Ollivier d'Angers by Guillaume Bodinier

Could you confirm that this is the case and if so would you give us permission to print and supply a jpeg image for use

Yours sincerely

Barbara Winward