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4L Trophy - University of Angers

4L Trophy

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Two students in economy traveled with 4L Trophy

David Hallereau et Cyriaque Macé and their Renault 4L

Students from the School of Law, school of economics and business studies in Bank, finance, insurance (ESEMAP-Ecole supérieur d'économie et de management des patrimoines) accepted a challenge : to carry out the “4L Trophy 2011” from February 17 to February 27 between France and Morocco. David Hallereau and Cyriaque Macé began this humanitarian-adventure trip 2 years ago. They finally hit the sandy road (A 4L is a vintage Renault).

The adventure began in November 2009 when the two students created the “ESEMAP 4L Trophy” association. Its mission : To fight for the poor children's access to school and to a high-quality professional training. In order to help them, the 2 resident natives loaded educational and sporting equipment into their car : they will give it to the young people in the south of Morocco.

10 days, 6 000 km

1 200 4L, and 2 400 students left from Paris. Driving their Renault 4L, the teams attempted to cover a distance of 6,000 kilometers (3700 miles). On the road, students were confronted with obstacles and challenges in the sand and dunes. The daily winners are not those who break the record time but those who clear the obstacles most easily and in the shortest distance.

A consequential budget

ESEMAP 4L Trophy collected 1 500 euros (total budget:7 500 euros) from FSDIE (University of Angers' student aid program). To raise funds, students need to find sponsors:through items displayed stuck to the car (like the university logo !), donations, and equipment gifts. They finally made ends meet and they were on their way. The two reached the finish line on February 27 : 443rd out of 1200 !

Thérèse Rosset