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Heterolingualism and translation : issues - University of Angers

Heterolingualism and translation : issues

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Interview of Olive Senior, guest of honor at a study day

Olive Senior

Olive Senior is a Jamaican poetess and short-story writer. She gave an opening lecture during the study day "Heterolingualism and translation : issues" organized by the CRILA on June 17, 2011.

Heterolingualism characterizes a text which includes foreign elements, regional languages, different styles of speech,...

Olive Senior is practicing heterolingual writing. She took few minutes before the study day of June 17 to answer our questions.

During the interview Olive Senior is talking about her "heterolingual" writing, mixing English and Jamaican, sometimes in the same sentence. In particular she explains that her jamaican characters talk like in "daily life".

Also the author analyses the issues of heterolingualism in Carribean litterature and especially when it comes to  translation.

Thérèse Rosset

Listen the interview

Interview of Olive Senior