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Summer schools 2014 - University of Angers

Summer schools 2014

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20 countries represented at the Summer schools 2014

After 2 weeks of courses, visits and other different activities, the 3 medical and scientific Summer schools 2014 organized from June 30th till July 12th at the University of Angers’ school of medicine have now come to an end.

The closing ceremony took part in one of the historical place in Angers, at the Hôtel des Pénitentes. A first for the 67 students coming from India, China, Norway and 20 other countries including France.
Before the presentation of the certificate, the students, future doctors, pharmacists, biologists or vets, had to participate in one more working group. Indeed, they were asked to predict 2030 and to explain what would be the latest progress on cancer research or on cardiovascular diseases at that time. At the end, original answers like “we would have found how to stop getting old” made people think or laugh. But who knows?

This last workshop says a lot about the Summer schools spirit. “The very first goal is the scientific angle, the second one is the intercultural exchange and the last one is to have fun” says Isabelle Richard, Dean of the School of medicine and at the origin of the Summer schools.

A first

This year and for the first time, a vascular Summer school had been created in addition to programmes dedicated to research and cancer. Marc-Antoine Custaud, professor in vascular biology taught part of the 60 hours scheduled.

During an afternoon, the professor from Angers showed to about 15 students the links between gravity and cardiovascular functions. This lecture was given in English like the rest of them and students were given concrete scenarios and role playing.
This was the first time I heard about vascular system connected with space” reports Maroua who just completed her 4th year of medicine in Grenoble. This young lady had to shorten her holidays to come in Angers. “I’ve learned a lot so I have no regrets”.

Currently in her 6th year of medicine in Russia, Alexandra, oncologist to-be, travelled a lot more. After trying the cancer Summer school in 2013, she joined the vascular programme this year. She came back “to visit friends, for the city and for the programme. I love this atmosphere, and that professors from different countries come to teach us. We are lucky to exchange with them and with students from all around the world. It’s really interesting.”


This interactivity is crucial”, admits Isabelle Richard, “the interactivity between students as well as between students and professors.” This is one important factor building the success of the programme along with the academic content and the social programme.
As a matter of fact, various cultural and scientific visits as well as leisure times - barbecue, kayaking…- were organized during these two weeks. “I think we made it work.”