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Visiting professors - University of Angers

Visiting professors

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University welcoming visiting professors

John Webb (vice-president of international relations), Evariste Habiyakare, Atul Tandan, P.T Srinivasan and Dominique Peyrat-Guillard, vice-dean of the School of Law, School of Economics and Business Studies

Every year, University of Angers welcomes “visiting professors” from abroad. These professors, in charge of educational mission, contribute to students' global awareness with lessons taught in English. The School of Law, School of Economics and Business Studies are hosting 15 foreign professors between September 2010 and June 2011.

Interview with three of them:Atul Tandan, Indian Marketing professor, Evariste Habiyakare, International Business professor in Finland and P.T Srinivasan, an Indian professor of Human Resources. The School of Law, School of Economics and Business Studies vice-dean, Dominique Peyrat-Guillard and Catherine Crapsky, in charge of International management Master program, are “hosts” making sure that the three of them have a good stay at University of Angers.


Atul Tandan

“Bring my experience to students”

This professor teaches at Universal Business School (UBS) in Mumbai, India. He worked for 26 years for private firms like Unilever or Beiersdorf, which produces Nivea. He had already taught in Angers last year as visiting professor in International management Master second-year program, with a concentration in “International marketing”. His experience sharing with French students about Cross-cultural marketing and Marketing strategy plays a large role in his lessons. He gives students a lot of examples drawn from emerging countries such as China, Brazil, or India. He believes that their learning will be better off with a knowledge of other cultures. From a personal point of view, thanks to his trips in France, he has a better knowledge of the European way of life. When he gets back, certainly that this experience will benefit Indian students.


Evariste Habiyakare

“Establish partnership between our universities”

The School of Law, School of Economics and Business Studies welcomes this professor, from the University of applied sciences HAAGA-HELIA in Finland. He is a research professor in International Business. In Angers, he teaches lessons to Licence 3 (final-year of Bachelor's studies) students in “International management” and to Master second-year “International management”. Evariste Habiyakare came for the first time in Angers last year with a short program called “Staff teaching assignment”(STA) for 6 hours of lessons. This very semester, he is teaching in International Business Law, New tendencies in marketing and Human health and safety. The partnership between both universities is reinforced by his exchanges with French students. Evariste Habiyakare wants to motivate some of them to take part in Erasmus program in Finland. While he is also seeking to increase research cooperation.


P.T Srinivasan

“Interactive lessons help students to make a critical study”

This professor comes from the University of Madras in Chennai, India. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, the Pays de la Loire Région's partner region in India, and this exchange is fully part of the international strategy of the University of Angers. In Angers, P.T Srinivasan is teaching to MIRH Master second-year students “Organizational Behaviour”. He is happy to see that students are interesting and enthusiastic and he likes talking with them. He notes a better language standard year after year : there are more and more lessons in English in the Faculty and international students arrive in ever greater numbers. P.T Srinivasan often confronts students with case study or “games” : they learn to analyze, tell the good and bad points of an advertisement. He appreciates their reactivity and their discipline in speaking.

Thérèse Rosset