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Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 - University of Angers

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

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University of Angers competes at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

University of Angers and Appalachian State University, North Carolina, USA joined forces to constitute Team Réciprocité, one out of 20 teams involved in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. For this international competition open to universities and institutions of higher education, each team had to imagine and create a solar powered house. Challenge accepted.

From June 28th to July 14th, Maison reciprocity –born from UA and ASU’s partnership- has been exhibited at the Cité du Soleil in Versailles, in a short-lived neighbourhood bringing together houses created by students from all around the world.

As for the Franco-American team, this exhibition resulted from 18 months of work, design and construction. This project involved about 1,200 American and 500 French students from different training.

Together, they reinvented what could be the house of tomorrow. Six prefabricated modules come together to form the 104 square meters home. They were built and put together in Boone, NC, before being taken to pieces and carried to France for the Solar Decathlon final state. “It was a huge challenge for us to build a house in North Carolina, to make it cross the ocean and to rebuild it on time”, explains Professor Jamie Russel who directed the project for the ASU. “When you see the result, it’s amazing”.

Active house

Maison reciprocity -which is for the most composed with wood- has two floors. On the first floor: a kitchen, dining room, living room and a bathroom with an access for disabled people. On the second floor: a bathroom and a bedroom are possible.

Thanks to the technologies chosen, Maison Reciprocity isn’t connected to the electric system. With solar panels and an innovative system which combines several solutions for water production, heating system, and air conditioning, the house produces twice as much energy as it consumes. (Know more about technical parts of the house)

First price

These energy performances lead Team Réciprocité to win the Electrical energy balance contest out of the ten contests evaluated in the Solar Decathlon 2014. The Franco-American team ranked 9th at the final competition. “Congratulations to all the students for this challenge as well as the staff who gave 100% of themselves for this big project” declared Jean-Paul Saint-André, University of Angers’ President. "This result represents our university: young, dynamic, innovative and international”.

In pictures

The Franco-American team worked days and nights on the house
Plants have been set up on the roof under the photovoltaic panels
sky view of the house
The students are almost done
The house seen from the entrance
The house seen from behind, the garden planning has been created by University of Angers students
The bedroom
The kitchen
Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing inaugurate the site

With ASU

Team Réciprocité (REC) is the most recent endeavor and highlight of a 30 year partnership between Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, USA and Université d'Angers. Every year, students and professors travel on both sides of the Atlantic.