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Dual-degree - University of Angers


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A new dual-degree in tourism between France and Germany

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A dual master's degree in tourism between the University of Wernigerode (Germany) and the one of Angers will be created in September 2011. Partners for over 20 years, the two schools have decided to take another step in their cooperation.

The student exchanges with the ITBS began in the 1990s with an Erasmus partnership, then a 4-year dual-degree in 2001, and finally a bachelor-level. The two schools belong to the “Université Franco-Allemande” (dual-degrees' management) and this administration boosts these exchanges. So, these links remain. For example, the Universities have a shared stand during the Franco-German's forum in Strasbourg.

The next stage ? September 2011, when a dual master's degree in tourism will be launched. Ten students (5 French and 5 German) will be gathered together in Wernigerode (3 000 students enroled) for the first year, then in Angers during the Master 2. The choice of the five students of each class will be based on academic achievement and linguistic skills.

Teachers in charge of the exchanges (Mr Gerold Beyer for ITBS and Mrs Astrid Van Dyk for Wernigerode) are very enthusiastic about the success of this dual-degree. The two professors agree to say that the levels in language are good and they notice that master's students are more mature. In addition, lessons taught by foreign teachers are very interesting for students. Each university will teach courses in its native language : in German during the year in Wernigerode, in French for the M2 in Angers.

Contact : Gerold Beyer – teacher in charge of the exchanges for ITBS – Mail (gerold.beyer @ univ-angers.fr)–  02 44 68 81 38

Thérèse Rosset
therese.rosset @ univ-angers.fr