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Dual-degree programs - University of Angers

Dual-degree programs

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New York Times mentions University of Angers about dual-degree programs

An article in the New York Times (March, 28 2011) quoted John Webb, international relations vice president of the University of Angers. He was interviewed about European and non-US universities having a lead of codesigning "true joint-degree programs - where two universities agree on a course of study and award students a single diploma in the name of both institutions - " over their US competitors.

John Webb explains that dual-degree come true after a process starting with contacts between researchers, then students exchanges and eventually the design of a common program.

University of Angers is among the leading institutions. Starting with 2 dual-degree programs in 2007, it is offering 8 in 2011. Next year: 13.

To read the article on NYT web site, click here