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Biobusiness week 2015 - University of Angers

Biobusiness week 2015

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A successful second edition of biobusiness week

From June 8 - 12, 14 PhD students in biotechnology and nanomedicine participated in the second edition of the BioBusiness Week that took place at the Angers Technopole.
This workshop was jointly organised by the University of Angers – through its European NanoFar Program -, the Doctoral School of Biology and Health Nantes-Angers, Angers Technopole and Atlanpole Biothérapies. The aim of the workshop was to increase student’s awareness of the different issues they will face if they decide to set up their own start up. Each case study was based on their own research.



Students from 8 different nationalities (South Africa, Spain, France, India, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Taiwan) benefited from the experience of European professionals ready to share their know-how and willing to coach students on different issues such as market studies, intellectual property, fundraising…

Mr Diquet (MD-PhD in fundamental pharmacology at the University of Angers) made a presentation on clinical trial management, while Mrs Le Cloirec (Ipsilon) focused on the risks related to intellectual property. M. Regnard (The MarketTech Group) gave a comprehensive talk on the marketing plan and Mr Dogley (PME International) illustrated
the subtleties of the financial plan. Mrs Caldy (MyMarketingTeam) was in charge of stressing the keyfactors to efficient communication with potential investors.

Aside from these lectures, students had the chance to benefit from exceptional testimonials: Mrs Celle gave an overview of her experience through her start-up ODPM, Mr Clément (WyssCenter Foundation, Geneva) who has also launched several start-ups in the MedTech sector, warned them about the pitfalls that any entrepreneur should try to avoid when turning to venture capitalists for fundraising.

Although our young researchers have realized how difficult it is to launch a start-up – specifically in the biotechnological sector – they were all extremely enthusiast about the very practical content of this second edition of the BioBusiness Week, as it gave them a unique opportunity to test the reality of business and entrepreneurship.

Looking forward to next year’s edition that will take place again in the Pays de la Loire region.