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English-taught courses - University of Angers

English-taught courses

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The University of Angers offers a selection of English-taught courses in different fields. The International Office has issued a booklet containing this selection.


The English-taught courses are open to students registered at the University of Angers and to international exchange students (Erasmus+ and ISEP programs, bilateral agreements).

In order to receive full credit for their ECTS, the exchange student needs to establish, together with his tutor and before his mobility, a Learning Agreement with all his/her course selection.

The student shall take either a whole UE (teaching unit) or select single courses, according to what it is stated at the top of each section of this booklet.

Please note: if the English-taught course is not part of the teaching field covered by the Erasmus+ program, the student’s request is submitted for authorization by the relevant teacher.

The English-taught courses for the academic year 2016-2017 can be found in the document that you can download here below:


 Click here to download the booklet


A glossary of technical terms is also available on the booklet to have an easier reading of the document.