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French language centre for foreigners - University of Angers

French language centre for foreigners

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You are a foreign (student) and you want to learn French language?

In 2012, the CeLFE obtained the “French foreign language quality”, issued to the French as a foreign language (FFL) centres which guarantees the quality of both the courses and services we provide to our students. If you want more information about this label, click here ... or here.

Every year, the CeLFE is welcoming over 1000 students who want to improve their French language skills and/or who want to obtain a diploma in French.

Download our “brochure” in English.

The CeLFE is part of the CampusFLE network; association of the university French language centres.

French classes for foreigners

You want to improve your French and/or join a French university?

Click here

You are an exchange student and you want to attend French language classes and conversation and French culture workshops?

Click here

Tests, diplomas

Click here to get all the infos about the French tests and diplomas we are offering

Contact us !


Direction de l'International

La Passerelle

2 rue Lakanal

49045 Angers Cedex 01 FRANCE

Tél : +33(0)2 44 68 86 45

or  +33(0)2 44 68 86 53

celfe@univ-angers.fr (celfe.cufco @ univ-angers.fr)

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Admission of Chinese students

The University of Angers is currently recruiting Chinese students with a Gao Kao score sufficient for university admission.

Click here to have more information