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Europeans programs for education at the University of Angers

The University of Angers takes part in some European programs funded by the European Union.


Master "Nanomedicine for drug delivery" (Nanomed) , Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Nanotechnologies applied to health

Nanomed is a joint Master degree selected by the European Union in July 2016.

This curriculum gathers 4 European Universities: Paris Descartes University (coordinator), Patras University, Greece, and Pavia University, Italy.

Nanomed is an original training 24-months Master’s course in English (4 semesters) in the field of nanomedicine applied to health through the delivery and vectorization of active molecules, offering a high quality and  multidisciplinary education, this Master's program aiming to develop the students' competences in various fields (chemistry, biotechnology, physico-chemistry, biology, pharmacotechnology, pharmaceutical development ...).

Thanks to EU funding, 12 students will be eligible each year for EU grants covering both the participation fees to the curriculum as well as their monthly expenses. To apply, candidates should hold  a Bachelor degree (or an equivalent) in Biology or Chemistry, or a Medicine/Pharmacy degree.

The associated Professor Emilie Roger (Pôle Santé, Pharmacie) is in charge of this project at the University of Angers.

Nanomed is an Erasmus+ programme project, Key 1 Action, Learning Mobility of Individuals.


TeacHear, Strategic partnership for enhancing social consciousness

TeacHear, Strategic partership for enhancing social consciousness (ref. number 2015-1- HU01-KA201- 013623), is a project funded by the Union European in the frame of Erasmus+ programme.

Aim of the project: Train the trainer - Its purpose is to train high school teachers so that they can themselves deliver training courses for other teachers on the theme of social awareness.

Apart from the University of Angers, partners are Katház Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd, Hungaria (coordinator), Akademie Klausenhof GmbH, Germany, Social Academy - Institute for Education, Research and Culture, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Association of Maltese Relief Service in Romania, Timisoara, Professional High School, Bátorove Kosihy, Slovakia.

The researcher Emmanuel Bioteau (Faculty of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Geograpy department, ESO-Angers) is in charge of this project at the University of Angers.

T eacHear is an Erasmus+ programme project, Key 2 action, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


NanoFar, Erasmus Mundus joint doctorate in nanomedicine and pharmaceutical innovation

This programme has been selected in July 2011 by the European Union, and was funded for 5 editions of three years.

NanoFar is a 6 European universities consortium, composed  of the University of Angers, coordinator, the University of Nantes, France, the University of Liège, the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, The Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the University of Nottingham United Kingdom, around researches in nanomedicine (application of nanotechnology to health care, offering very promising possibilities in diagnosis and therapy).

Since  October 2012, this Erasmus Mundus doctoral programme has proposed 36 fellowships to European and non-European students. They are required to alternate study and research periods in at least two universities of the consortium, and are graduated from the two universities attended (double degree).

Professor Frank Boury (INSERM U1232, CRCINA) is in charge of this project at the University of Angers.

NanoFar is an Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 programme.


Nanomed and TeachHear are cofunded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union  

NanoFar is cofunded by the European Union