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About us - University of Angers

About us

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About us:

Angers is the historical, political and economic chief town of the Anjou region and the 16th largest city in France. It is located in western France close to the Loire Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage and famous for its many châteaux and wines.

Angers has a unique 12th century fortress which overlooks the Maine River and the world’s largest medieval tapestry.

With more than 30,000 students every year, it offers a very dynamic lifestyle with frequent cultural exhibitions and festivals all the year round. The city hosts two universities and several highly specialized research centres.

In 2006 Angers has been ranked one of the most business-friendly cities in France. Angers Medical School is close to the University Hospital Centre (CHU) and to the INSERM and CNRS laboratories.

Coordinator Staff

  • Prof Guillaume Podevin, MD PhD
    RSSA Coordinator
    Dept of Visceral and Paediatrics Surgery
  • Dr Mickael Dinomais, MD PhD
    RSSA Coordinator
    Dept of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Ms Anne-Carole Broermann
    International Relations Office
    In charge of RSSA & JPEMS