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Life-long learning - University of Angers

Life-long learning

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Continuing education for all ages

The University of Angers provides quality resources for anyone wishing to continue his or her education whether for professional or personal reasons.
We thereby give great importance on programmes aimed at helping adults access university studies.
We offer courses leading to a secondary studies equivalency certificate, and we offer transfer credits recognising life and work experience for admission to academic studies.
We also offer customised courses and training for companies, public agencies and associations.

Access to university studies and credit for life experience

The University of Angers welcomes all those seeking to take up studies again whether for professional or personal reasons. To facilitate the process of getting back into studies or back into the working world we off  er Access diplomas DAEU (credit for studies completed previously) as well as credit for life experience (VAE).

Helping those who wish to take up studies again means advising them in laying out their professional goals, helping to set up remedial study units if necessary and counselling them in getting a job whether for the fi rst time or for re-employment.

University centre for lifelong learning

The CUFCo is the University’s lifelong learning division, specifi cally responsible for providing opportunities for those seeking to take up studies again, including the unemployed, those on leave of absence, those in retraining, or those seeking equivalency for life experience.

The CUFCo also is responsible for nationally accredited certifi cate courses (DAEU A and B), University of Angers diplomas and certifi cates, the access programmes (Pre-DAEU) as well as programmes in computer science, languages, and English language certifi cation. Courses are off  ered both at the centre and on line.

Courses are off  ered to students in ability  groups or individually.

The University of Angers seeks to adapt its lifelong learning programmes to the needs of business and professional groups. All programmes are accessible to everyone through lifelong learning and the IUT also off  ers alternating study and workplace periods, similar to a sandwich course. The School of Medicine has undertaken, as a basic mission, to develop medical science studies under lifelong learning. The School now off  ers more than 50 diff  erent university diplomas after successful completion six or nine years of medical studies.

Keys Figures

  • 4440 in-coming first-year students