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School of Tourism and Hospitality Management - University of Angers

Since 1982

IMIS-ESTHUA is a faculty of the University of Angers. It has been specialized in
Higher and Professional Education since 1982.

We offer different degree programmes, organized in four departments… (programmes in french)…

  • Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Art Management
  • Culture and Heritage Management
  • Social and person-to-person Services Management
  • Safety and Security Management

… at every level :Bachelor, Master, Magistere and PhD

Professional and academic School

IMIS-ESTHUA is a recognized professional and academic School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Each year is composed of :

  • One semester of instruction
  • Language and culture
  • Scientific Methodology
  • Business behaviour and Management
  • Professional Development
  • Tourism Management
  • Research Project in Master


  • One semester of professional placement in industry
  • From 3 to 6 months a year of experience in industry

International dimension

IMIS-ESTHUA proposes a 3rd year of Bachelor in English-speaking programme Tourism and Hospitality Management Bachelor.

  • It contains :
  • French Culture
  • French language
  • Regional Tourism
  • Sport and Tourism
  • International Tourism
  • Financial Management
  • Commercial Negociation
  • International Marketing
  • Quality Service Management in hoteland tourism industry
  • Corporate Communication in tourism industry
  • Tourism Management Education and Training
  • Loire Valley Castles
  • Tour Guiding and Tour Operating in France
  • Food Culture Management
  • Getting to know a destination


Our main academic partners around the world are :

in Canada, the USA, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia and Morocco