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School for Engineers in Sciences and Technology - University of Angers

15 years of experience

The “Institut des Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingénieur d’Angers” – ISTIA -  was created in 1991. First, a department of the University, today the ISTIA is an Engineering School of the University of Angers authorized by the French National Commission of Engineering Schools.
Originally, ISTIA was composed of  3 Science & Technology Master - MST – programs,  then it was transformed into an IUP (Industrial Systems Professional School) to which 7 different 5th year degrees were added. In compliance with the Bachelor-Master-Doctorate  European program , ISTIA switched to an Industrial technology Bachelor program and 2 Master programs – Industrial Systems Engineering and Industrial  Innovation.
The Engineering School has high-level professional experience and can rely on  a network of over 3,000 graduates throughout France, Europe and worldwide.

Key dates

  • 1993 - Creation of the ISTIA
    • 3 Master programs :
      • Quality Management and Process Control
      • Scientific Innovation,
      • Methods and Means for Automation
    • 2 Post Master programs
      • Dependability and Reliability of Products and Services decided to make one
  • 2006 - Accreditation of the  ISTIA as an  Engineering School

Admissions & Programs

Control systems and IT

  • The Automation and IT program aims at giving a double professional skill. The study of various subjects will allow the student to master the computer tools as well as those necessary for designing and implementing automated systems.
  • The main focus is on software development, industrial automation, LAN, industrial supervision, real-time and embarked systems, robotics and virtual reality …
  • The graduate student has gained a working knowledge thanks to the alternation of academic courses and hands-on work –projects, work placements.


Quality management engineering

The ISTIA engineer in Quality Management, Dependablity and Reliability has theoretical knowledge and technical skills which he can efficiently apply to a wide range of industrial processes – physical systems, management, information technology, and services -

He is familiar with teamwork and multidisciplinary projects. 
Our program develops the global approach to the process by taking into account all the related aspects: technical, economic, strategic, human, environmental …

The autonomy acquired during the program (group work, projects and training periods) allows the graduates to carry out the following missions:

  • conducting company projects,
  • implementing a quality system,
  • piloting industrial activities,
  • controlling and optimizing the quality of products,
  • mastering the reliability of products under development,
  • managing quality, the environment and safety

Teaching resources and equipment

Computer equipment

Within ISTIA premises, the students have a free access to 300 computers connected to the internet.
The ISTIA has a Wifi network allowing students to use their own laptops anywhere in the school.
Each student has an email address administered by the university IT staff as well as a personal web site hosted by the ISTIA student server.
Among the 17 computer rooms, two have multimedia equipment allowing a teacher to control the student stations: The students have access to a number of software packages ranging from language courses to all the specific subjects of our programs; Most of the teaching staff have their courses available on the network.


Open from 9 am to to 6.30 pm
The Resource center has not been intended for students only but also for companies to meet their expectations:

  • it is an intermediary between INPI -The National Institute patents- and professionals seeking advice
  • it has a benchmark role in association with the “CRITT-Productique Pays de la Loire“